Let us get technical for a minute

It is possible that you are still not quite sure what I am talking about, so let me put it down straight. Shapewear is the same as foundation garments, which includes, but is not limited to, such well known items as brassieres, corsets, garter belts and girdles, but also bodysuits, control panties, BodyBriefers, control slips, control camisoles, camisole leotards and even regular knickers. Some of the most popular brands include Wonderbra, Victoria’s Secret, Frederick’s of Hollywood, Spanx and Hanesbrands, Inc. Almost all sportswear manufacturers also provide shapewear, which includes Nike, Fila, Speedo, Adidas, Esprit and Reebok, just to name a few.

Despite the sports angle, shapewear is actually made to be an undergarment, which should improve the appearance of wearer’s body shape and thereby provide an otherwise non-existent fashion-conform figure. While it is debatable what that actually means, most people do know what constitutes a female physique, or rather anatomically proper form.  Any (under)garment that provides support or helps shape the body into the anatomically correct appearance is deemed shapewear. While most sportspersons do look almost the same without the shapewear, most other people do not, therefore it is recommendable to at least try some of the available products.

Some of such foundation garments do provide either design reinforcement through fabric or by other means, such as infused support or shaping by a metallic structure or even silicone pads. These shaping solutions may even include serious enhancements, where particular parts of the body receive implant-like size additions, which really may disappoint a person during the disrobing procedure, whereby I am thinking of the prospective partner. Stuff like seam-free stitch technology, Powernet lining by Playtex Pure Control and adjustable straps, which provide a surprising amount of adjustability.

It is not really clear why for all the advertising only women with shapes that do not need actual shapewear have been used, but perhaps some manufacturers would rather allow you to experience your own disappointments in the privacy of your own home. In all seriousness, as I have previously mentioned, you need to know that such technology, as employed by shapewear, is not limitless in achievements. Do not expect to have a model body if you have never done any exercising and are morbidly obese. To accomplish really satisfying results, you need to do at least a little exercising, which will activate your musculature and provide the technology with something to work with. Then you can also try and stick to a healthy diet, which does not need to include starvation.

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