Do not make a sausage out of your body

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Some women are very unrealistic about their look and shape. While most women tend to underestimate their beauty, there are women who apparently have no shame. Being overweight is no crime; curvature can be very appealing, even to that extent where Rubens would frown, but stuffing such a body into a shaping garment that is at least two sizes too small should be punishable by law. You can choose garments that are tight; moreover, it is preferable that women wear outfits that are complementing their shape, eye-catching sights are almost always the consequence. On the other hand, overly tight clothing does not look good even on perfectly shaped women.

Alas, the perception of beauty has been shaped by most inadequate individuals, thus providing for a few decades of undernourished role models, or rather images of not really existent beauty. Such misconceptions have driven many young women to exaggerated abstaining from food, making out of female beauty a rather flimsy copy of adolescent male handsomeness, completely obliterating the most important parts of the female anatomy. Of course, there was also the exaggerated enhancement of female attributes, mostly sexuality related, commonly paired with the anorexia previously mentioned, which completely obliterated any humanity in these women, making them rather a copy of the RealDoll, manufactured by the rather aptly named Abyss Creations LLC.

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