Latex, once again

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latex-clothingI would like to return to the previously mentioned latex, which does have a rather bad publicity attached to it, despite being the most inventive clothing apparel material of late. People do tend to connect it with BDSM, which is not really without grounds, but there are possibilities there that go beyond mere shapewear. To be perfectly frank, a certain flair of fetish will always remain, even if you do wear it only underneath your clothing for shaping purposes. Latex can be very supportive of your shape, even more so than conventional shapewear, because rubber does not give in that easily like stretchable materials, notwithstanding the related synthetic nature.

As Simon O., the next big name in latex couture from Germany, likes to point out, latex is as taboo as we make it out to be. There is no need to actually advertise wearing of latex, like Lady Gaga likes to do, but to simply enjoy it underneath contemporary clothing as shapewear and perhaps at home with the partner of your choice. The only downside to latex is the special care it requires, but nowadays care products for latex are available almost everywhere. Simon O., for instance, provides a full range of care products for latex. Furthermore, adjustments to personal measurements are provided free of charge, as are small damages to latex outfits.

Wearing latex is something that should be experienced by every single woman at least once. Starting with latex gloves, a bra, leggings and/or panties and pantyhose are good introduction into the material, full body suits should be tried out only if you are not a complete novice. Down the line, the best solution is not to completely use one kind of material, but to combine several, whereby you should try out which material suits you best for which body part that needs support. There is no formula on what will work best; unfortunately every individual needs to find out their own recipe to success.

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