The Ultimo brand, a Scottish brand that transcends borders

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brand-ultimoMichelle Mone started the company MJM International Ltd. in the late 1996 with the intention of creating a more comfortable cleavage enhancing brassiere. A former model, she had ample opportunity to wear bras made by other manufacturers, which she claims were all incredibly uncomfortable. With a better design in mind, she opened her company and started production on her patented Ultimo bra. The huge start in the Selfridges department store established the new brand as the up and coming shapewear producing company, which only improved with time.

Currently Ultimo is available all over the world over the internet, but in store in the US at Saks Fifth Avenue department stores and in the UK and Ireland in over a dozen Ultimo stores and in most of the main department stores. The MJM business is one of the largest exporting companies in Scotland, with eight patented inventions. Ultimo Couture, a line of luxury evening dresses was just recently established and several Celebrities have actively competed to become the current face and body of Ultimo. Final choice fell on the actress and model Kelly Brook, who follows Mel B, Rachel Hunter and Helena Christensen, just to name a few. For her contribution to the lingerie industry and successful business entrepreneurship, the Queen recognised Michelle Mone with the OBE honour.

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