Which shapewear would be the best for you?

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whihcbestAgain, I would prefer to address women, but if you, as a male, would also like to know about shapewear, most of the advice in this section may apply to you as well. The answer to the above question about shapewear will always stay the same. If you are desperately out of shape, which does not mean that you are morbidly obese, but also if you are not a sporty type, have never run properly, not even as a child – something that is unfortunately more common than we all admit to – have never engaged properly in training any sports – I exclude Golf, Chess and similar sports activities that do not include sweating, moving a lot and the use of muscles, then not even the best shapewear will make you look like a celebrity or a model.

Healthy living will always be a pre-requisite of looking good, even if you are overweight. You can be somewhat overweight, but if you are doing sports, the weight will be distributed over your body more appropriately, allowing for some assistance options by shapewear. A corset will always make your waist slimmer, but all the stuff you are removing from your waist will have to go somewhere, think about that. Similar problems will come from tight clothes that may or may not include some supporting features. If these are too small, it will show and not appear flattering, even if you manage to put them on.

The best advice would be to not lie to yourself about your current state and shape and then see if you can target the most apparent problems with adequately sized garments of shapewear for women. For instance, you may use a supporting bra and tummy hiding hose, pair that with a corset that will not squeeze you into a size 6, but complement the already used bra and hose. Some leggings will shape the legs additionally, again make sure that you do not choose a few sizes too small. The trick is to combine a whole outfit that will help your overall appearance. Keep a realistic overview of your visual appearance and you will be just fine.

If you are in a shape that is not requiring you to purchase two airline tickets if you are flying coach, then you can achieve stunning results by using the appropriate shapewear. Some celebrities do use full body shapewear, sometimes just to make sure that a wardrobe malfunction does not turn front page tabloid news. Most of the time, only particular perceived weaknesses are addressed, such as small breasts, age induced shape irregularities, gluteus support, leg shapers under long gowns, back braces and even micro-bras with support function.

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