You better shape up

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Just like in that famous song from the movie “Grease”, it is a requirement nowadays to be in shape. Men need to show muscle, women need to show curvature. Luckily the age of coatracks and anorexic beauties is over, just like Isaac Mizrahi exclaimed just recently. But people will tend to try and look better than they actually do, partly because it is fashionable, partly because it is a requirement by the society we live in and partly just because they want to feel good about themselves. This is a blog for women, who want to shape their bodies, but I will not bother you with another dietary and exercising blog, no, I will bother you with the shapewear for women.

My name is Hannah Murray and I do feel strongly about fashion and health, but it is every person’s prerogative how much they will invest of their money, will, time, life and whatever else into their physique and appearance. Unless you are so completely out of shape, that if you wear any shapewear you would rather end up in a “Women of Walmart” kind of publication, you will try to use the modern wonders and capabilities of couture to enter into the world of eye-catching beauty. As usual with such garments, it is preferable if you constrict yourself to smartly aiding support, rather than go full overkill. It all may seem to you that it started with the push-up bra, but it started much, much sooner, with the use of corsets and even that is not the true beginning.

I will tell all about it some other time. Right now I would like to just hint at all that is expecting you in the coming weeks and months. Of course we will have to take a look at some specialized brands, but we will also find out how such contraptions work, what kind is out there, the technology behind this and even more interesting, we will take a look at latex, leather and other materials that have become increasingly popular. Besides the sexy part of the clothing, we shall explore the useful as well, like for instance the latest swimwear and other sportswear which not only shapes the body, but provides muscle support for athletes, has warming capabilities for divers and go wherever this interesting topic may take us. Thank you for joining the ride.

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